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Just being friendly?

So I was out at a club with some girlfriends and a few of my coworkers joined, this coworker of mine made a point of talking to me the whole night,... Show More

What Guys Said 1

  • He's just being friendly, until he makes a "move"...

    • Okay I won't think anything of it, I definitely felt some sexual tension but maybe it was one sided and alcohol fueled :)

    • I think people like to try and find "more" because they want it to be "more"...people are only being friendly, unless they're making a move...you're just anticipating the "move"

What Girls Said 1

  • Guys and girls we can't help to flirt. Even if we don't mean it. Unless he goes for a kiss or straight up tells you what he wants I would say is just regular guy girl interaction.

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