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How do I make female friends?

At university basically all my friends are male .The course is around 70% male and 30% female.I have spoke and had lunch with a few of the girls but... Show More

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  • Women as little girls to middle school get along so well, from end of middle school to rest of life, most women hate being around each other, an they prefer the opposite sex comfort.

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  • I got friends with my uni friends through other girls. I saw a girl I recognised at the beginning of the year and started to talk to her. We got along fine, but she knew someone who knew someone who was more my kind of friend, you know? When you see a girl you know has the same class as you, go up to her and ask her if this is the room for *this or that subject*, or that you've seen her around and you wondered if she does the same courses and if she likes them, bla bla, some small talk. Say hi every time you see her around, or walk together with her to other classes or something.

  • I tried joining clubs and sports. Like more girlie ones, like ballet or animal shelter volunteering where there will be mostly females to meet. As for building bonds with girls, I don't really know how to do this either. I seem to just fall into these friendships that work! So the best tip I have is just to talk to more of the females you meet and go from there. The more people you meet the more likely it is that you'll eventually instantly click with one as a friend and then you'll have a close female friend.

    • a sport would be the best thing. You have a common intrest and your stuck with these girls for hours on end.

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