What is something new that you learned today?

Any new thing that you learned share it with everyone!

I learned that the term 'Friend Zone' originated from an early 'Friends' episode. Never knew that! :o


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  • I learned that during the Berlin Airlift, U.S planes were landing and leaving every 3 minutes to and from Berlin, 24 hours a day! :0

    I also learned that being a teacher is harder than I thought, I'm a teachers aide for my former health teacher, I had to grade of 80 papers and put them on a grade sheet, its time consuming and took more than an hour for only two classes and it was only one assignment! This is why I have a lot of respect for teachers, they work so much for so little :)

    I also learned not to wear a dress when stapling posters to a wall while standing on top of a chair, one of my guy friends commented saying that he saw my underwear, lmao. You live and you learn c:

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  • Oh my gosh you taught me something new! haha

    But aside from that, today I learned that cotton candy is my favorite smell!

    I know, that's some pretty deep self-discovery ;)

  • I knew that getting your dog spayed could prevent pyometra, but today I learned what pyometra is--an infection that causes the uterus to fill with pus.

    My sister is a nurse at an animal hospital. There were pictures...

  • I adjusted and aligned a telescope today! I basically demonstrated and learned how I operate a telescope I've never used before.

  • I learned that IUD's are a type of birth control, from a man whore. He taught me that today! :D!

    He knows everything about that stuff! xD

    • haha well I don't wanna have 20 kids with you so we g2 take all the neccesary precautions. :p

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    • dannng I likeee that's gonna mean a lot of sex if you're on an iud :p 98% working rate so 20kids=1000times... f*** well go through 20 kids in 6 monthhs :p... maybe I should start wearing condoms that way 2% the chance tat iud won't work *99.7 chance of the condom added back to the 98 you get 99.994. That's 6 babies in 100, 000 times xD... Doing that baby maathhhh boyyy wats up

    • Is that accurate? o_o

      i'll look elsewhere lol I hate math! xD

  • Ah friend zone... the two most used words on GAG :P

    Today I learned... Hmm.. nothing new. Gotta do some new research!

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  • I learned that giving a clock as a birthday present to an elderly Chinese person is considered offensive. (who the f*** would give you a clock for your birthday anyway?)

    Here's why:

    Because the characters:

    1. ??

    Song Zhong


    2. ??

    Song Zhong

    which have the same pronunciation can be confused. one means to give a watch /clock and number 2 is to accompany an elderly friend or family member as they pass away.

    So if you give them a clock, it's a metaphor to tell them you hope to accompany them as they pass away, eg. hurry up and die already. So it's considered offensive.

    Remember that if you ever had the weird idea of giving a clock to an elderly Chinese person for their birthday lolol.�

  • I learned that dmso works wonders on my hurt back.

  • That eyeballs don't look like raisins only after 3 years...it takes much longer