What is something new that you learned today?

Any new thing that you learned share it with everyone!

I learned that the term 'Friend Zone' originated from an early 'Friends' episode. Never knew that! :o


Most Helpful Girl

  • I learned that during the Berlin Airlift, U.S planes were landing and leaving every 3 minutes to and from Berlin, 24 hours a day! :0

    I also learned that being a teacher is harder than I thought, I'm a teachers aide for my former health teacher, I had to grade of 80 papers and put them on a grade sheet, its time consuming and took more than an hour for only two classes and it was only one assignment! This is why I have a lot of respect for teachers, they work so much for so little :)

    I also learned not to wear a dress when stapling posters to a wall while standing on top of a chair, one of my guy friends commented saying that he saw my underwear, lmao. You live and you learn c: