Is this appropriate over text?

So I asked this really pretty girl out on a date and she said yes. I've seen her around but we were more acquaintances than friends. We went on the date, which went OK but it wasn't stellar. Anyway, I see her again later in the week and she's pretty cold towards me. There's a 1% chance she's... Show More

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  • No, you did the right thing by telling her how you felt and by being direct and honest with her :)

    That's not weird; you just acted after you saw her reaction.

    It's not awkward either; you're preventing the situation from becoming awkward XD

    If she has a little of common sense, she'll see it that way too ^_^

    • thank you for B.A. :)

    • It's the best answer because its what you wanted to here.

    • you talking to me or the asker?

      And I said what I though was the truth... and only now did I see that I'm the only positive answer XDD .

      But I still told what I thought was right: if he's being honest to her and to himself by doing this, why should it be wrong to do it? And I honestly believe this is not something that'll make things awkward, like other people did... When people TALK to each other, it is rarely awkward. Usually, is revealing, and that is never awkward: is problem-solving.