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Should I send her a friend request on Facebook again?

At the start she was my friend on Facebook and then somehow she got deleted and I then sent her a friend request but I didn't get a positive answer.... Show More

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  • Absolutely not! I know this from experience. I have deleted a guy and he keep friend requesting me and messaging me it was creepy! You obviously aren't as extreme but if she deletes you that means she didn't just want to ignore you on Facebook she just didn't even want to deal with you. There are very few cases where people actually deleted by accident and even if that happened she would have friend requested you or at least accepted your friend request. Stop wasting your time on her, she will just be less interested and maybe creeped out. Just let her go and find someone who appreciates you.

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  • If someone doesn't wanna be your friend, stop trying

  • Nope, don't do that. If you already tried it once and it didn't work then don't do it again. You'll look clingy and even obsessive.

  • No. Don't.

  • No. If she didn't accept the first time she's not going to now.

    If you used to be friends she may have deleted you.

  • She got deleted? You removed her or she removed you? Whoever did that,my suggestion is no, don't send her again.It will make you look clingy and wierdo.

  • No,No,No! She unfriended you and didn't accept your request. If she wants to friend you, she knows where to find you. Take it as a sign and hang on to your pride.

    Take care!

  • Do not just leave it alone

  • No, however, talking to her wouldn't be so bad if you have an alternative way to contact her.

  • If you feel the need to do anything more, you are what I call a creep.

  • No don't girls don't like people who bother tham to much.She might add you if she want.

  • Ok, so she was your friend on Facebook and "somehow" she was magically not on your friend's list anymore? That means she deleted you, lol. And then you sent her a friend request and she denied it...

    Yeah, I think you should probably stop. She's made it clear she doesn't want to be your friend on Facebook for whatever reason.

  • nope don't send her a friend request cause most likely she will not again accept it. save your self-esteem :)

  • can that be done? Has she not responded to the second request? I don't you can send two requests..

  • Nope, there must be a reason she unfriended you and then rejected your request. Sending her another one does nothing more than justify that she was right in rejecting you before.

  • Nope, once is enough. If she said no the first time, she's not saying yes the second time. Plus you'll start to appear clingy (which sounds like it would be true) and you will only annoy her. I'd forget about it.

  • Just move on

  • I'm sorry to say this, but I feel like she deleted you purposely. It could be for many reasons, and one may not even be because of you. If she deleted you and didn't accept your friend request, than I suggest that you don't bother with her. Maybe message her and ask her why, but don't bother adding her.

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