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Why do I have so many close guy friends, but no boyfriend?

I am attractive, smart, outgoing, sport- loving, funny, and I understand guys. My best friend,Tristen, asks me for advice about his girlfriend, and... Show More

Okay for one, Kik me JojoMelissa & I can freaking prove I'm not ugly. And for teo, guy who supposedly thought I lived in a grease bucket, I didn't even have my phone in 2 days ago, so how could you have known I was ugly?

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  • lol is this another self proclaimed good looking chick? I get a lot of those on here but very few of them are, I've actually had several of them send me pics and just have to stop talking to them altogether because of it

    • That is mean~~~~

    • lol man not really I was talking to her because I was looking for a girl and she lived near me, then she sent the picture and I was like "HOLY HELL! go back to the grease bucket you crawled out of"

    • im not teo, and I wasn't talking about you... I said a girl I was talking too from here who claimed she was good looking...

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  • Maybe they find you intimidating and think they wouldn't be good enough.

  • Wow, that's odd. I know some guys who would love to have a gamer girlfriend. I dunno, Ms. JordanMelissa95. Maybe you had friend-zoned the guys first without even knowing it?

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