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Men, what are some of the differences between male and female friends?

Ok so say you have both a male and female best friend, do you treat or behave the same with both of them? Do you treat them different? Will you... Show More

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  • - I treat them different. Nowhere near as explicit, overall.

    - I UNFORTUNATELY always develop a crush.

    - She unfortunately develops a crush 80-90% of the time.

    - I act different in the sense that I'll no longer give her advice on how to get other guys (lol).

    - I share my more vulnerable side with female friends.

    • Thanks for BA. :)

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  • I think I treat my close male and female friends the same. I tend to say more personal things with my female friends because I find women easier to talk to. Conversation subjects seem to differ. I talk about relationships more often with women and less personal topics (work, career, hobbies, etc,) with men. It's been a long time since I developed a crush on a female friend. That one worked out well because the feeling was mutual.

  • Easier to bang my female friends

  • No.


    No. I tend to friend-zone my female friends pretty quickly.

  • Same in some ways, different in others. There are things I will generally discuss only with men, that women would either not understand, would be judgmental about or offended by.

    There are also things I would be more likely to discuss with a woman than a man.

    My sense of humor would be different with the guys than with a woman. Not always or to the same degree, but women are typically more easily offended. A guy cannot let his guard down entirely with a woman, like he can with a guy. There is a certain chemistry between men that is just not possible between a guy and a female friend.

    Yes, it is very possible to develop a crush on a female friend.

  • Female friends are the worst. They are the most selfish and shallowest people ever. I promise myself I would never and will never be friends with another "cockroach"

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