Does his ex want him back?

A longterm guy friend of mine (friends for 9+ years) and a girl friend (about 4 years) of mine dated for about a year. She recently broke up with him as she developed feeling for someone else who she is now dating. He was pretty distraught and for about a month or so after I helped him through it all. Basically just hanging out and distracting him and keeping his mind off her. (as he had done for me several times before when I was heartbroken). He has been pretty great not putting me in the middle of things ie: not asking questions about her or her new boyfriend, not bitching about her etc. as he knows we are friends and doesn't want to put me in the middle. Him and I have been getting pretty close lately, hanging out a lot, texting daily, flirting etc. There has always been someone between us but until now we have never been single at the same time so have never pursued anything. There's just always been tension between us really. Even now you can tell we both are trying hard to... Show More