People always talking about other people/ angry friend?

so I have this friend, and she is constantly pointing out other peoples flaws and making jokes about them and such. she does it really hush hush though because she wouldn't like yell across the room the mean things she say about other people. It is to my understanding that people do this because... Show More

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  • You are definitely not wrong.You should know who you call your friends by the way they speak of others because they will do the same to you,Speaking ill of you to others and such a friend is not keeping. Try being more secure with yourself because it is who you are and nobody can change that. The moment you start accepting who you are will also let people accept you for who you are.

    • I'm perfectly fine with who I am, I'm just tired of her always making fun of other people. I told her that it makes me feel bad to listen to that sort of stuff, and she said that the girls she was making fun of used to be her really good friends but aren't anymore, she was trying to justify herself. there is no justification, I don't care why you make fun of someone, or how minor the joke is. I told her none of that mattered to me, and she said that I don't understand and that she wasn't even go

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    • come to think of it, she is the kind of person who thinks she is always right, and won't really listen to what people tell her, or she will but then not take it to heart. thanks, I have this whole new realization now. thank you Jbronzy

    • you are welcome anytime.