Q for girls and guys, not brave enough to wear your clothes?

Roughly how many items of clothing do you own that you love but are not brave enough to wear?
I know I have a crop top that I have never worn, I would like to buy a high waisted skirt to wear with it but so far I have not worn it because I'm not used to showing off any skin around my midsection!
What about you and why haven't you worn it?


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  • I do it all the time. A couple of months ago I bought this beautiful lace long sleeved crop top which has never been off the hanger since I bought it, simply because I'm not brave enough to wear it but I couldn't not buy it.

    Also when I was on holiday I bought this gorgeous long sleeved, short dress from Peacock but now that it's in my wardrobe I always skip past it because I feel too self conscious about how much it rides up at the back.

    I always go out shopping thinking 'I'm going to be adventurous, I'm going to buy whatever catches my eye' and then I do and I never end up wearing it, It's awful aha. I also have a habit of going out and buying 5 tops and no bottoms so I'm left with 5 tops but no matching bottoms and they end up thrown in my dresser.

    • I think that's pretty much what happened with my crop top. I have no bottom that would really go with it!


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  • I have some major brand clothing that I don't like wearing because it makes me feel weird to wear expensive clothing. I have no idea why that is but I've always stuck to cheaper stuff because it makes me feel less showy I think.. I've never liked being in the spotlight or having everyone's eyes on me. I still have a whole section in my closet of clothes that I deem too nice to wear lol

  • if you're a fashionista, as you say you are, that means you go out in high fashion all the time, no matter your body. if you like it, just do it

    • I chose fashionista because I thought this was the one I was most like. I'm not a designer or anything haha. I am going to try and wear it in the summer though.

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  • None that I can think of. I realized a while ago that I owned some clothes that I never wore, mostly because I didn't think I'd look good in them... Now I'm careful not to buy clothes if I don't feel comfortable in them, either in how they fit/feel or how I think I look in them.

    • I think I'd look okay in the top I just don't have the right bottom to go with it. It's like I bought half of the outfit.

    • Yeah that's true, if you don't have anything to match it with it's kinda useless for a while. But I'm sure you'll find something :)

  • i have a denim overall/skirt item with stars on it. its pretty but its quite short, and my thighs aren't the thinnest and my butt isn't the smallest so I don't know I'm not confident wearing it yet.

    thats the main one so far

  • I have two summer dresses that are kind of loud lol. The print that is. Both brightly colored, one pink/red floral and the other blue/violet floral. They stand out to me too much, so for now, not to be worn.

    • I know what you mean. I have a dress that's pretty short. I don't know if it's because I'm 5'7" but it's pretty short and I feel a bit self conscious wearing it.

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    • Okay I'll look into that then thanks :)

    • No problem =D

  • yes exactly me!! i don't know..i guess it's due to my social anxiety...and also how one time i tried on high waisted shorts and my aunt was like, "don't wear that! you're a school student." i suppose when i show more skin, it makes me viewed as "sluttier" and i don't want to give off that vibe..sometimes i just want to wear clothes that make me look good and attract a guy that i like lol

    • Yeah I know what you mean! I want to be more adventurous with what I wear and I think it's mainly me holding myself back. I feel pretty worried that someone will say something to me about what I wear or make a comment about it because I take that to heart.

  • I wear all my clothes. Only gifts are an exception, because I might not like them.

    I only stop wearing some items because they are not comfortable or because they are overused.

  • I have some pieces of clothing with VERY prominent brand names. Most of them I bought at clearance for 5-10% their original price because I was in dire need of a piece of clothing (eg. I one bought a hoodie that would normally cost $90 but was sold at $7, just because it got extremely cold and I just happened to be near an outlet). I never wear those except when hanging around the house or grocery shopping.

    • fair enough, at least you put them to some use.

    • Yeah. That's not much of a problem anymore, since most of them have been subjected to your regular "tear and wear" and now I've got a bunch of clothes from TK Maxx whose brands no one recognizes anyway xD

    • Haha yeah I've got quite a few ASDA jumpers that I wear around the house.

  • I also have a crop top that I haven't been brave enough to wear yet. I also have a couple of dresses that I haven't gotten the guts to wear hahah