How do you a guy likes you if he has never talked to you but shows eye contact?

Ok well I just started some extra classes on Sundays. It is my 3rd week there and I have realized there is this guy. I sit in a row in front of him, but not directly. When I slightly look his direction, I can catch him staring at me.

At first, I thought it was an illusion, but then when I did it repetitively throughout the whole lesson, he was ALWAYS looking my way. When it was our break, he went to the front row to talk to a friend. This time, he was directly in front of me. I saw him staring at me, but I didn't catch his gaze ( I was too freaked out! ). After a while of staring, he left again and went back to his seat.

I read somewhere that when a girl has a 'feeling' that a guy likes her, it is probably right. That's the thing, am I just imagining it? Or does he like me? And what should I do to actually know? Thanks guys for helping me out.


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  • The next time you catch him looking don't look away. Keep eye contact, smile, and say "hi". That is the next step. see what his reaction is to that.


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  • My god I have the exact same problem. I'm still trying to figure it out. My advice is to stare back at him, letting him know you're aware of him and you're interested. Try to start a conversation, ask him how he likes this class, the teacher. If he has piercings or tattoos, or something distinct about him, compliment him or start a conversation about it. It'll work. I'm too shy for my guy, but hopefully I'll get there. Good Luck!