How do I make myself more attractive?

How do I make myself more attractive so boys will want to go out with me? I am 16 and I have never had a boyfriend. Please help!


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  • -Tone up/lose weight if you're overweight.

    -Update your hairstyle. Guys don't care a whole lot about this but it'll make YOU feel cuter

    -Get your nails and toes done. Men look at toes. If you have F'd up feet get used to getting laughed at. Plus it looks more feminine.

    -Always smell good.

    -Don't dress bummy. A big hoodie is cute if it's his, but don't look like you just left the gym all the time or he will think you're lazy.

    -Wear makeup; enough to look polished and cover up any imperfections, but don't look like a prostitute or a drag queen

    -Smile and look approachable


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  • The only way you'll find an answer is to provide a picture.

  • If I could see a photo, I would be glad to help. I worked with some of the most attractive women, physically, when I bounced at the clubs.

  • First, ask yourself, what kind of guy are you looking for. Get yourself some standards. Do you want an intelligent guy, a strong guy, a suave guy, or any mixture of these traits? There are no wrong answers and it's ok to experiment. Then, ask yourself, what are your strong points? What do you find sexy about yourself? It's important to be confident. If you like a guy, flirt with him, if he responds positively, great, if not, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Don't be afraid of rejection, it happens to the best of us. Attraction is a skill, and as with all skills, it's hard at first and takes constant refining.

    • I agree with Vienna, you have to know what kind of guy you want. Also talking to guys might help as well, even though rejection is bad there are still others out there that might say yes. Just be yourself and you'll find someone

  • Be Yourself! I find nothing more attractive than a girl who is comfortable with being who she is all the time. What I mean is Ill say I like a band or a movie and a girl will tell me they are awful and we will flirt around about our taste in music or movies. She didn't just agree with me when she could have. One day you'll find a guy who will absolutely love you for this and things will just start to happen.


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  • -Always smell good. I noticed that guys seem to like sweet-smelling or floral scents the best.
    -Make sure your hair is done all the time. Boys love girls with pretty hair.
    -Smile so you'll be more approachable.
    -Play up your figure but don't show too much skin either. Nobody likes a slut lol.

  • Carry yourself with confidence!