How do I make myself more attractive?

How do I make myself more attractive so boys will want to go out with me? I am 16 and I have never had a boyfriend. Please help!


Most Helpful Girl

  • -Tone up/lose weight if you're overweight.

    -Update your hairstyle. Guys don't care a whole lot about this but it'll make YOU feel cuter

    -Get your nails and toes done. Men look at toes. If you have F'd up feet get used to getting laughed at. Plus it looks more feminine.

    -Always smell good.

    -Don't dress bummy. A big hoodie is cute if it's his, but don't look like you just left the gym all the time or he will think you're lazy.

    -Wear makeup; enough to look polished and cover up any imperfections, but don't look like a prostitute or a drag queen

    -Smile and look approachable