Did the businesswoman like the look of me?

When I was in McDonalds' I was sat down eating and drinking when a gorgeous business woman in her late 20's walked in and ordered her food at the pay point.

When she was waiting for it (she did have to wait rather a long time) she turned round and looked over to my direction and at me a few times. She didn't really smile as such.

Then when her food was ready, she took it over and sat at the table right in front of me (only a few feet away) with her chair facing me.

I was aware of her looking at mew again and when I got up to go a little later on, she sort of raised her head and did the same again as I walked out.

When I got in my car, I could still see her sitting there eating through the window - again appearing to look directly at me as I got in my car and until I drove off.

What I would like to know is, did this woman like the look of me?



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  • maybe who knows? sad thing is you didn't approach her and she didn't approach you. if you happen to bump into her again and you like the look of her, then introduce yourself. otherwise, let it go.


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  • well, I'm guessing she did I mean she wouldn't take her off of you :3


What Guys Said 2

  • Dude, next time this happens, just go for it. The worst that happens is she's not intrested.. Girls like confidence. :D

  • Dude I think she was. Well too late now next time don't think about it so much just go fot it...