Women, what makes a guy's eyes sexy?

A lot of women say they are attracted to a guy with a nice smile and nice eyes. I can figure what makes a smile nice, but what makes a guy's eyes considered attractive?


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  • Sometimes it's the way they way look at you, It's like hard to explain but It's a deep stare and you could be in a room or any ware and there are a lot people around you but whilst he looking into your eyes in this like deep trance stare every one else just disappears into the background and you feel that your the only two there it gives you such a buzz felling hard to explain but if you can master it or has experienced someone do this to you, then you will know what I mean I've had the same guy do this to me quite a few times now and the buzz now feels the same as the first time.

    • Best answer? haha, I kinda do the "intense stare" purposefully, but I just can't help sometimes if the girl is just amazing to look at

    • You get best answer on the basis that JustDance nominated you

    • Thank you ;-)


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  • Basically, what Obligations said. It's really a personal preference. I went to high school with a guy who had the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen--blue is my preference. However, the guy I like has brown eyes, and I still think he has nice eyes.

  • Have you ever noticed how, especially in the right lighting, some peoples eyes just shine? It most often happens with blue and green eyes. Shape can play into it too, but people are usually referring to the bright color.

  • long lashes...the right color...shape...

    • What color eyes are sexy then?

    • For me its always been blue and green...but some women might say other colors....there's not a consensus amongst the entire female race.

  • lolllll

  • i like brown eyes


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