For guys who are not single...Do you still look at other girls?

Do you still look at other girls? Say you've been with your girlfriend for a few years now. If you see a pretty girl or someone you might like being with would you still approach the girl or becoming friends with her?

Basically if you're not you still look?


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  • Absolutely. And women do too. That programming doesn't terminate when you are in a relationship. But the context of your assessment is different. Although at some primal level we all look at the opposite sex posing the mental question "would I or wouldn't I?," the thought doesn't progress past that when we are in love with another or at least happily coupled.

    But we still look, rate, and (for guys at least) engage in a nanosecond blip of anonymous fantasy. It's harmless and healthy, because our attraction to others helps define who we are.


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  • As long as the focus of a relationship remains on you don't stress. stress and over thinking just make sh*t worse. people look even guys that say they don't do and women alike. one of my girlfriends would actually make it more of a game and point out other women she saw as attractive (she wasn't bi or anything) and we'd make fun of them, not in a malicious way but more in a way to even make her feel better like he ass is so much smaller then urs babe. stuff like that . not saying that may work for you but all you can do is trust a person till they break it, if you do anything before then you run the risk of ruining what you have.

  • I'm married, but I still look. To me other women are just eye candy. No I wouldn't approach the other woman...just look.

    • Do you do it in front of your wife? do you feel guilty after you have looked lol. just wondering

    • I do it in front of my wife. She understands the fact that I am human, and is secure in our relationship. No, I don't feel guilty.

  • its a natural thing you can't help but look no matter who you are


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