How many spring/summer outfit have you got?

I've been building up my spring/summer wardrobe at the moment. I've got 2 half outfits but need to complete both, in order to do that I need to buy 3 items. But then I still only have two! How many do you have at this time of year and what are they?

Oasis pink skirt with an oasis "oriental" vest top.
Denim shorts and black cami with a H&m white kimono.

Give me some more ideas girls haha.


Also, opinions on this skirt?


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  • I have barely anym I hate summer so in my head the less clothing I have to wear the shorter the season will be... this is not a logical thought.

    • No it's not. Summer is the best why do you hate it?

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    • move somewhere cold then, eh? where i live, it never gets over 100 and it's really only bad in early August (humid/sticky) other than that, it's relatively cold here

    • I live in Australia and our summers are awful.