I want to ombre my hair At home help?

I did bleach I wanted to do a jessie James decker hair color and I used frost and glow it did bleached my hair but look orange yellow and now I added a ash blonde to it bit it's still a bit brassy.
Anyone know how to get her hair I know she has a video tutorial but what blonde should I go


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  • You need a toner to get rid of the brassy-ness. I'd recommend a toner by Wella. You can find it at Sally's beauty supplies store. You can also use a toner shampoo (purple shampoo). There is also Virgin Snow by Manic Panic. That's a toner as well but it doesn't work as well unless your hair is already really light and you're trying to get it platinum.


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  • I think it is better to go to a saloon.


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  • This is never a good idea...
    You should go to the saloon.

  • I recommend that you use loreal ombre dye, it works really good and the results are great. But make sure you check on top of the box for your current hair color and then look at what your hair color will look like after that.

    • I was looking for it I never found it so I used frost and glow medium to dark brown hair and I used a medium ash blonde and now it looks yellow it dosent look orange anymore just yellow now

    • Not even blonde