How do I control myself and up hold my values?

So there is this guy whom I am dating that I am completely and totally in love him and likewise with him . We have a great time and we get each otherand understand each other completely. We have known each other since the middle school and just recently like in late may just started to get really involved with each other. I am very very very sexualy attracted to this guy and that scares me because when I am with him I am comprising my standards and doing things I though that I would never do . . . And that scares me because I don't want to have sex with him but at the rate that we are going I probably will . . .My question is how do I control myself and up hold my values? I mean I don't want to break up with him becasue things are moving fast because I love him and I couldn't stand hurting him like that and I would be heart broken myself I talked to my frirends about and all the tell is to do is just stop hanging out with him so much and don't put myself in compromising sitautions but that really hasn't helped me much seeing how whenever we're together it always leads to something! ADVICE! Please!


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  • Talk to each other about it. Let him know how you feel and be honest with him. He will understand how you feel and will be greatful that you have opened up to him. Let him know how much you like him and enjoy being with him but tell him that you are scared of having sex yet and that you want it to be really special when you do and for the moment you would rather hold off and wait until a later stage.

    If he cares about you and loves as much as you love and care about him then he will understand this and will be willing to wait.

    Also it could help by spending time in public places rather than some where private alone. That way you know that you can only kiss and cuddle with out getting in to any other situations.

    Do not worry there is nothing wrong, these are natural feeligs which everyone has and it means that things are going well. Also good on you girl for not giving that up yet and waiting until the time is right!

    • Thanks . . . I want my first time to be special not in the back of his car lol


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  • i think you should talk to him. let him know that you are not ready for things to be going so quickly. it sounds like he's crazy about you. if that's the case, he will understand your feelings and take things slower.

  • i had the same problem with my boyfriend. we were alone together in a car and things got pretty intense and I told em to stop. latter that night I explained that I didn't wanna have sex til I was ready. I explained that I reallyyyy loved him and the only person I wanted to share that part of myself with was him. he was okay with that and things were fine after that.. things still get pretty freaky but now we both know that having sex is not gonna happen..

  • Think about what you wanna do.