What do guys really look for in a girl?

Same old story. I want to get a guy to think of me as a possible girlfriend. And I need some help.


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  • I love a girl who is confident, playful, has a sense of humor, and she has to have a cute face with beautiful eyes. Girls can only go so far to get a guy. I would say to just be more playful and flirtacious with him and give him looks like you want him...I love that. Just leave the rest to him and just give him enough to get a hint and don't be too forceful.


    • Thanks Darren ! I'm definitly going to try that the next time I see him. That helped alot.


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  • cute and shy and playful like a puppy... a puppy I'd like to have sex with (wow did that come out wrong... o well). real giggly when we're alone but can still take me seriously. has guy friends (not too too many tho) but I can tell she's only into me. someone who isn't more sexually experienced than me so we can learn the new stuff together. needs me to feel secure about herself... really opens up only around me. basically someone who needs me... not just a guy, but me

  • I need a girl who has a personality, is capable of being a best friend without being annoying... basically, you just can't look like a homeless bum and also have a personality that doesn't resemble a rotting potato...


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