Guys, would you model lingerie for girlfriend if she asked you too?

Girls, would you ever want you man to model lingerie for you?

  • Yes I would model for my woman, nothing wrong with a little fun in the bedroom
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  • I'm too tough to model lingerie for my woman
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  • I'd love for my man to model lingerie for me, I could use a good laugh.
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  • No thank you I want a manly man.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • sure. sounds like fun.

    I have a thing for panties any way so I would prob help her pick them.

    • :P thanks for most helpful opinion.

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  • Do you mean like women's lingerie? Because I definitely wouldn't want that. I think they should just stick to what's out there for them. And honestly, is there anything sexier than a man in just his underwear. Also, he can make me laugh in other ways. I don't even know if I would find this at all amusing.

    • Yea his woman's lingerie, the question is just for fun, came up with it while watching the big bang theory where sheldon wears the french maids outfit lol.

    • Hahahah, I figured by the picture you posted of Shelly!

  • I would only allow that if it doesn't expose too much and that he's the only one who would see me in it.

  • I would model if only for my bf eyes


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