What about a tall girl?

Do guys like a taller stronger girl or are they put off by it.

For example I've always been an athlete and have a pretty defined body but not like a man I've got a big chest lol. I'm also 5ft 10 inch so how would that make a guy feel?


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  • I'm 6'4 I never ever really thought about how tall a girl is I'm attracted to short and tall girls,but the girl I'm with now is 6,3 pretty strong and first reason she said she noticed me was because I was tall too,mmm,but it does feel nice being similar height,but you do see loads couples mostly the girl shorter but look all celebrities,other way about,but I'm sure you could find right man,but does a short guy not put you off,mean also the issue if you wear HHeels mean she said she hadn't done before because most guys she had been with before too short,sexy gorgeous,I know she hates being tall,but just say there is more of her to love,easy really 22yrold eastern european,wow.Wish she more like you 5,10 with big chest,would make me feel yipeee,no but wouldn't change her,how big we talking heehee

    • Ha! Lol thank you that helps and were talking quite large actually lol most of the guys I know go yippee over my chest also


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  • you are fine, I don't mind athletic or tall girls. It shouldnt hurt your chances. Besides, you aren't that tall, so you will only have problems maybe getting some really short guys.

  • I'm right at 6 ft tall and a girl who is 5'10" is no problem with me. As long as she does not tower above me it's fine.


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