Hey guys any beauty tips :D to help me get a new look?

Just wanna have some changes I had a new haircut any idea?

what the hell I can't post any link :(
https://www .flickr.com/ photos/kiuhyj/14 410908461/
remove the space


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  • I can hardly see your face properly, but from what I can see the makeup isn't doing you any favours, I don't mean to be rude. Using eyeliner all around the eye is a very harsh look and hard to pull off for anyone, really. But I think you would look very nice with just a little eyeliner on the top and none on the bottom lash line (makes your eyes look bigger) and some mascara. :)

    • I thought thicker would look nice I mean I have tried it thinner it looked eww
      I do use mascara thanks


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