How to ask a random girl out?

Hey-- There's this girl whom is in my class at summer school, and I like her style and want to get to know her =P. I am just unsure how to do this because she sits all the way at the other side of the class from me =\. Any ideas?

My friend advised me to just go up and say "Hey, do you have an older brother in kick boxing?" or something like that and just make up something to start a conversation with her after class. Is this good advice?

Let me know your thoughts about how I should go about approaching her =P.


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  • most guys where I live wouldn't even approach a girl sitting NEXT to them. so it would be great for a guy to stand up and come over to get to know you just because they think you've got a great style.

    do something natural, if she's outside of the classroom, then it's fine to just stand next to her introduce yourself, tell her you're in the same class as her and ask her what she thinks of the class so far. if you're in the classroom, just hang around with a couple friends near where she's sitting, catch her eye and compliment her about something. it'll make any girl smile - then just ask her for her name and say yours.


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  • lol, that's actually not a bad idea. it'd be really funny if she did have an older brother in kick boxing though. but seriously, it's a good way to approach someone, it's a very innocent question. you might run into a snag if she answers it with one word like, "no." because then you're going to have to think fast to get a conversation going and not make it awkward.

    good luck!

  • I'm currently attending summer classes, and I have a huge crush on this guy who also sits across the room from me (Just like your situation). I think the safest topic would be to talk about class. If she says, she's having trouble, maybe you could offer to help her out after school.


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  • yo check this out young blood well ladies like it when you don't show them any mind if I where you I would sit by her and don't say any thing into she says something to you. try not to get your words twisted up in a not when talking to you and when you feel in your right mind that you know her well and she know you well ask her out own a date