HELP!!!! how do you hide stretch marks?

I'm supposed to go out with some friend's next week to the beach and this guy that I am totally into is going to be there the problem is that my cutest bathing suit shows a lot of skin and I kinda have sum really bad stretch marks on my back what can I do to hide it without changing my bathing suit


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  • well what I'll tell you isn't gonna help you for next week, but cocoa butter lotion will lessen the attention on your stretch marks if you use it daily. I used to have them on my arms, now they're gone from using cocoa butter lotion. I'm self concious about my appearance and I always wear a white tshirt at the beach, I've seen other girls with stretch marks, its no biggie, some people don't care what other people think, that's the way to go, if a guy doesn't like you because you have a few stretch marks then he's not cool.

  • You could put sunless tanner of them.