i know every ones waring them, they look cool, do the girls like em though? A couple years ago everyone was into the shorts with the pin stripes and plaid. So what's in, what's hot. Because I got longish hair, do I put in my face, to the side, parted?


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  • Skinny jeans are hot on guys and suit most body shapes so yeah wear them :)

    Whats in at the moment..plain or slogan tight t-shirts, leather jackets, trilby hats, very 80's fashon...well at least that's all that boys are wearing in England.

    A side fringe is cute on a guy, perhaps you could try out some styles and see what suits you by using straighteners or something? Good luck!


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  • I have never seen a guy who could pull off skinny jeans. They do not work on guys and also, usaully short hair is more flattering on guys. Most guys with long hair just are not as attractive.

  • Skinny jeans suit some guys, but not all. If you're a skinny guy, they'll probably look fine. But if you've got kind of big/ muscly legs, I don't find they look that great. I would put your bangs to the side :). Although it kind of depends on your face as well, so maybe get someone's opinion who you know :).

  • Basically skinny jeans are made for skinny people in my opinion, so if you're bulky in the legs, I wouldn't suggest wearing them. About the hair... I love guys with long hair, and like it even more when they swoosh it to the side, I guess.


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