What do you think about Rihanna's most recent see-thru outfit?

I've seen this transparent style more and more in public. especially in women's clothing from American apparel.
Why is this culture becoming accepted? (its not like American apparel is out of business, and this add campaign has been mainstream fer awhile) Girls, y is it this is selling, and guys what are your thoughts when you see this on the street?


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  • My opinion hasn't changed about her. She was a ho before the outfit and she still a ho after it. Girls can wear whatever they want but people can think whatever they want about them too.


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  • Sex sells. The more you show, the more money because they know that's what people want to see on "attractive" women


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  • I haven't seen this trend in public yet, but I have seen rihannas outfit. From a fashion design standpoint i'm fine with it, like most things on the runway it shouldn't ACTUALLY be worn, just admired for what it is. I think rihanna wore for attention and thats it. Like all shallow popstars she equivocates nudity with publicity, fame, and money.

    If people are wearing it in real life it's probably because
    1) they like the trend and do their spin on the trend
    2) they're sheep and blindly follow what they are told is "in"
    3) they also equivocate nudity with attention
    4) they think they'll look more sexy/ attractive if they show more skin
    5) they have that weird twisted perspective that nudity and flashing your tits everywhere is feminism, and want to wear this trend as a walking PSA

  • See thrus are lovely as long as you wear a spaghetti underneath or a bra at least. Not a fan of rihanna's dress but reason why its selling maybe because celebs are wearing them? N most girls 'follow the trend'.

  • I like a lot of American Apparel's clothes you don't have to wear the shear tops with nothing underneath them - might be fun at times though