Hairstyles people like that are manageable?

I really want to do something different with my hair thats not going to take forever to do. My hair is about 22inches long so just under 2 feet right now i really just wear my hair straight and I don't know curls maybe waves clips any styles that u guys like and wear would be helpful thanks in advance

anything not in the poll please comment below! :)

  • straight hair
    17% (1)0% (0)14% (1)Vote
  • wavy hair
    33% (2)0% (0)29% (2)Vote
  • curly hair
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • ponytail/updo's
    33% (2)0% (0)29% (2)Vote
  • bangs (front or side)
    17% (1)100% (1)28% (2)Vote
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