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Underwear guys like on girls?

What type of underwear do guys like girls to wear? I.e. Thongs, garter belts, corsets, etc.

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  • Call me old fashioned but any gal in a corset, garters, and stockings is to die for. I think lingerie is just plain great. It yells feminine behavior which I love. I live in world of nothing but dudes and when I break away I enjoy women dressing like women. This is no exception!

    • I concur, corset and garters. Stockings. Very nice. Especially if the girl is dress conservatively but has that garter on under the dress.

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What Guys Said 18

  • Hmmmm. I prefer no underwear cause makes it for easier access!

  • What about cotton or nylon bikini panties? I've always liked those on a girl. The thong types can look good, too. I don't know about corsets; that's kind of overdoing it.

  • thong all the way.

  • Yes, yes, noi don't like corsets - wish more girls wore garter belts with short skirts, they are super hawti prefer a girl to not wear underwear around me - but if needed, a skimpy bikini or thong

  • Granny panties all the way! Just kidding. Truthfully, as I am thinking about it, I don't really care on a day to day basis. If it meant to spice up the bedroom then anything that accentuates her feminine form and makes her playful and feel like a sleek panther! As an aside, I like for underwear to remain underwear. While I'll look, natural reflex, I am getting tired of girls pulling up their thong to show when they wear jeans. It was sexy when it was taboo but it is passe now.

    • I know a a girl who sometimes wear them Granny Panties - because her mother kept buying them for her - lol

  • I like thongs but that's my own opinion.

  • Definitely thongs, they are very sexy and they really turn me on! Garter belts are awesome too.

  • i like thongs a lot but none is really nice to. thongs turn me on I guess. bikini panties are good too.

  • well white panties.. nothing better than that classic look... it also shows a women to be more mature rather than a little girl wearing colored underwear. A white singlet along is even more sexier combo...

  • Not the thong. The other ones that where the ass cheeks hang out! 1

    • You mean boyshorts? They look like a thick V on both sides? Usually made of lace?

  • I love thongs and garters and corsets. Haha, but a naked lady is even better.

    Reagular thong underwear are the best. When i pull my girls pants off and a small little thong guides my hands to her butt, there is nothing better. ^^

  • regular cotton panties are cute... i like the schoolgirl look

  • thongs are a must, along with tight jeans and blouses, with or no bra, body shaped dresses , the shortest posible shorts, a nice perfume and a broad smile

  • I think all are good but I have to admit Thongs are the best because you can see girl's sexy underwear and when they wear short clothes (shorts, skirts) because you can see their sexy under wear

  • Don't dress conservatively like a nun. Wear lingerie that shows you are confident in your own beauty. Colored lingerie is good, it shows you know how to look and feel sexy.

  • I honestly like a variety. Each kind has it's own perks. If a girl has a body for it, then all kinds are sexy.

  • super small micro things :)

What Girls Said 2

  • Thongs

    • I think thongs are really confy I will try not wearing any underwear at all for the guys sake cause I really want a boyfriend

  • I to agree I think men still like corsets... But thongs seemed to be over played especially on girls with big butts shorts seem to be more appealing these days

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