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what are some ideas for hair styles for cheer leading and how to do them


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  • anything that has both movement and hold is ideal. the classic "cheerleader" look can be done by blowing your hair dry with a large round brush (smooth an anti-frizz serum in beforehand like Bumble&bumble. or John Frieda), teasing the crown of your head (hairspray!) for lift, and then pulling your hair into a ponytail (volume at the crown makes it still look cute). finish by curling the ponytail...muss the curls a little with your fingers, so it looks more natural, then spray them for hold. you can wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail holder, or ribbons to match your uniform.

    if your hair is shorter, you can just blow your hair dry with a big round brush and an anti-frizz serum, then curl and tie back with ribbons or a headband.


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  • When I was a cheerleader I would put my hair in a bun, a ponytail with a ribbon, sometimes I would curl it and put it up, sometimes I parted it to the side and put it up low and it looked cute.

  • curly ponytail