This summer when tanning, do you do any of the following?

This summer when tanning at the beach, do you do any of the following?
1. Go topless on your back
2. Go topless on your front
3. Wear a thong bikini
4. Go naked
5. Roll down bikini bottoms at the front
6. Roll up bikini bottoms on back (to expose your butt)
7. Untie bikini top neck straps when laying on back
8. Have bikini top completely untied, just resting over breasts.
9. Any other ways of minimising tan lines?


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  • All except 3 & 4 and not necessarily at the beach... my pool! When I want less tan lines I also like to wear a bandeau bra, or wear different sorts of bras so the tan distributes more evenly over time. I don't do it but there's always body makeup or spray tan.


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  • No, I do not do any of that. I don't tan, I just go outside. At the beach, I don't just lay in the sand, I'm in the water and having fun. Lol So, whatever tan I get is just from being outside, not by laying in the sun so I do have noticeable tan lines but that doesn't bother me, I don't really care.

  • There are beaches where I fly to, in which the rule is clothes are optional, so you can tan topless, bottomless, or completely naked. In other places I wear g string bikinis or thong bikinis like this one. Lol.

  • No I don't do that. If you don't want a tan like go to the tanning salon haha that's the only time id go naked. But I like my tan lines because I like to see how tan I've gotten. I've got a little baby tan going right now need more though.

  • I dont tan but speaking for my sister- She unties the top of her bikini and that is all.