It is brown now I would like jet black what do you think


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  • Do whatever you like or makes you happy, but my opinion is not to. I would go for a more natural looking color. I think it's extremely unattractive when people have unnatural hair colors. I'm not saying people shouldn't dye their hair, but just don't take it to an extreme. Bleach blonde, maroon, jet black, and any color of the rainbow all fall under the unnatural hair colors.

    • I don't care about being attractive this is more to show an image

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    • It's not just an image I dress punk I act punk it is who I am and I want it to show more

    • I say go with a dark brown, because you can always go darker if you find it suits you, but it's a lot harder to change it once you've gone as dark as you can.


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  • Eh if you want to...


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  • It COMPLETELY depends on how it suits the rest of you. I'm brown, and I was considering black, but I realised because of my Asian skin, it wouldn't have looked any good. However, I have another (Caucasian) friend who dyed his brown hair black with a red streak, and it looks really awesome.

    Not in a stalker way, but do you have a picture to show us so we can have something to judge?