Preppy girls especially - How to keep a Punky/Metal look but still be attractive to most girls?

Really want some advice here. I've always been Punky/ metal, not emo, but I was wondering what a good way to dress would be in the case of being attractive to girls. I'm good looking, a lot of people have told me that (really don't want that to come across as bragging) and I'm athletic and I play guitar and in pretty smart, not a genius but I do well. However, it seems the preppy guys wearing polo shirts and chinos have far more luck with girls than me. I'm 17 and in high school btw. Would really appreciate the help! I just want some tips from preppy girls as to how I can look attractive to you but still a punk metal head.


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  • Honestly, I find the punky/metal look incredibly attractive :)

    So, you just have to be patient! The punk/metal look isn't for everyone. And some girls might not like it. But don't change yourself. If that is truly how you are, keep it!

    Try to dress nice-ish. So button up tops, nice jeans, but add a little metal/punk flair. That way you look both presentable and also keep it true to your own style :)


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  • Tattoos and piercings. Punk/metal people have those and it really doesn't matter what they wear, they still look pretty badass because they have it.

    By piercings, it could be a nose ring, a lip ring or something as simple as stretchers! Now, when it comes to tattoos I am aware that you're young and you might not want to committ yourself for such a long time with something like tattoos, but you can start thinking about them!

    In terms of clothes, these kind of people dress pretty casually. Their closets is mostly made out of band shirts. I think that most of these guys focus things on their shirts as opposed to any other item of clothing.

    But look at the style of your favorite bands and you should pick up a pattern!

  • Don't. I never got why people feel they need to express their taste in music with the way they dress. And I've never seen a guy who did dress like that that thought dressed well.
    Dress well, chinos and polo shirt are one way, there are other things that will look good on you but the metal look isn't popular with most girls.

    If it's really important to you though, obviously go for it. Though I'd go for more subtle things. I don't know but somehow jared leto is very popular and dresses kind punky, so maybe look at guys like that for ideas

    • It's not just because I like the music I genuinely like the look. Honestly I'm not massively extreme looking, not got crazy hair or anything. Another issue is that I can't just make the swap to preppy clothes because I personally don't like it and the preppy guys and I aren't exactly on friendly terms. But thanks for your suggestion.

  • For me that would never be an issue, but I suspect other girls might be intimidated by the exterior. If you're trying to impress the right girl she shouldn't mind either. But if you really want to try something new it would probably help to tone down the punk/metal look a bit when trying to impress a chick without fully compromising yourself. If you have a mohawk for example, consider styling it less dramatically or letting it go completely if it's not too important to you.

  • Just wear whatever you want dude. Stop caring about what others think of you or your clothes.

  • Yeah... I guess Jared Leto is a good example of an understated alternative guy.


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