What should I do about my look?

I wear baggy clothes and people say it looks funny on me. I have an athletic figure and I am a skateboarder. what should I do. if you have an Aim you can IM me at Jffryspen46 and yes its spelled rite

hit up my new aim Dreamkllr16. its been a while since I been on this and I'm bacc


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  • me personaly don't like when guys wear baggy clothes.. once long ago that was a fashion fad I should say because that style won't come back..

    you should be proud that you have an atheltic body show it off..

    you don't always have to match your clothes.. but make sure whatever you decide to wear

    looks right on you.


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  • as long as clothes are well fitted, you can wear baggy jeans. it depends on the environment and what styles fit you. I used to not be preppy, I went through a goth stage , emo stage, casual stage, and dressy, and others I just rotate from time to time because I like to change it up. I recommend just sifting through a fashion magazine and just see what styles there are out there for guys and hopefully you find one you like and that suits you

  • dude just ware what you feel like , as long as ur comfortable who cares what people think , just tell them your a none- conformist , its funny I swear :]

  • like the saying goes you are what you wear it is what is comfortable you can't skateboard in tight pants or mini skirt screw them there not your friends if there juding you by what you wear you should tell them if you don't like it then why are you here, or I don't need to look like you I would be a copy cat. tell them this is my style you have your's , don't judge me or bring me down for what I wear that is what kids do in grade school tell them girl let me know how it goes


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