Is this just a phase? advice needed from those who've been in my shoes?

I'm 23 years old, and I suffer from social anxiety -- I'm alone. I moved to this new city for school 2 years ago, and about two months into living here, thats when the anxiety began to blossom -- makes it sound less terrible eh? So now, here I am about to enter my third and final year of my program, it's a Saturday late night, and here I am alone. I'm sick of living this friendless life. And I know, it's because of the way I am. I have a hard time keeping and making friends. Likely because of the anxiety, or how shy I am -- but in reality I am such a nice person, but I don't think the world can see that. From those who too suffer from this, or who have been through it -- how do I cope? Does it get better? When does it get better?


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  • Make friends! I'll there for you...*forgets the rest of the songs lyrics...


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  • you are preaching to the choir, lady. i am in my 30s and STILL this way. i try my best to change my mindset and relax and not focus on worrying so much but somehow anxiety always is with me. i mean, sure you can see a therapist or take meds but neither of those are good options for me. i am a very kind person too but have a hell of a time keeping friends, i am a pro at scaring them away. i wish i could say it gets better but i don't think it will... unless you choose therapy/meds. i wish you luck