Do you think it was a turn off for him?

I had plans to meet this guy I have not seen for more than a year. He invited me to a club with his buddies and I said yes. This was going to be the first time I was gonna go to a club in America so I did not know actually how women dress here to go clubbing. I know it should be sexy but it was cold and I was not going to freeze just to look totally sexy. Anyways, maybe I made the wrong decision. I wore a pair of tight jeans and a black blouse with a nice jacket. I think It looked good, but not sexy. I know that sometimes we need to show some skin, but I didn't. The guy I liked saw me but was not surprised to see me or excited after a long year of not seeing each other. I felt like one of the boys! It got me thinking a lot after I saw his females friends wearing small dresses or skirt and I was like dawn I should have wore that too! I know he wanted to see me but that day he rarely acknowledge me. He preferred to dance with his other females friends or alone and I spent the night dancing with one of his buddies. I mean I had a good time but I wanted his attention. Do you think I should have dressed better? BTW we made out that night but nothing else. Any thoughts?


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  • You made-out with his friend? Or you made-out with him?

    • I made out with him.... I just danced with his friends who did not want to let me go from the dance floor!

    • Maybe he was just jealous you were dancing with his friend, or thought he didn't have a chance any more because his friend was "in there". If he really likes you, how you were dressed wouldn't end it, unless he's superficial. Like unique said.


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  • Your dress is no excuse for him to react that way, so, you don't need to worry yourself about that.

    He should be happy to see you after a whole year, no matter how you dressed. In fact, he should have invited you to a place nicer than a club, some place more private.

    Just be sure he is really worth the trouble before you go farther with him. You don't want to end up regretting something. Good luck to you.


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  • I think there is nothing wrong with what you were wearing. You wore something you felt comfortable in and that's what matters, if he didn't like it that's his problem. It sounds like if he is too superficial.