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How do I make him want me BAD and think I'm really sexy again in bed....I need help, it's complicated!

well basically the only time (mostly) that my boyfriend and I have sex is if its the weekend and he's off work so we can stay up all night..he likes... Show More

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  • well it really depends on what turns him on. It'd help if you said what you the people were doign on the porno. maybe that would offer in soem insight as to what turns him on. Is he into anything kinky? bdsm? If so, you could try doing taht with him. Role play is always fun too. you could also tell him to try copying what they do in the porno.

    OR you could always just tell him how you feel and ask him. If you guys are having sex, you should be comftorble enough to just ask him what turns him on, what he wants to do, what he's thinking, etc...

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