Guys, what do you REALLY think about make-up?

do you like it sometimes/not like it at all


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  • In my opinion make-up is over-rated. Every guy probably thinks there are some pieces of makeup that can help a girl extra nice, but overall, a lot of makeup is bad, and straight up, I learned not to trust it. I've known girls who drop 4 points just because I saw them with makeup on so much, then saw them without it. Think of it like this, it's better to lightly use makeup, have a guy appreciate what you really look like, and impress him when you really make your face a work of art than to use lots of makeup around your crush, he catches you one time without it and you scar his mind by becoming the girl he tells his friends "but dude, have you seen her without makeup?" Hahah its better to set yourself up in a position to impress the guy, and he will remember that for a long time. Don't overuse makeup! =)

    • yeah it's pretty gross to be completely honest, plus it's so time consuming and really bad for your skin, i've learned to try and make minimal use of it as much as possible just because it feels really disgusting at the end of the day but a little lip gloss and eyeliner never hurt anybody ;)

    • Yeah eye liner and lip gloss are things I appreciate, but when it comes to all the foundation and stuff I think that's excessive. Especially when it makes the girls face a different color than her neck and the rest of her body lol.

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  • Love it, but when done right. Enough to look healthy. And eye liner/maskara makeup pretty much always makers a girl way hotter. But I dont like tons of blush, lipsticks.

  • We really don't think about it all. We barely know what components you own, how they are used or why. We want you to be attractive or not, and don't care how you get there.

  • Makeup is not needed. You weren't born with it, you don't need it.

    • most logical answer ever lol true say

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    • jane jetsons morning mask

    • lolz not gonna lie that's pretty spot on for some girls i know...

  • Dont like it

  • I think it is bait-and-switch and false advertising.

    • interesting, yeah I mean girls are told if they don't wear it they're not pretty so they feel compelled to buy it, so it's just really bad false advertising in general

    • Natural Beauty > Fake Beauty.

    • good answer! agreed!

  • A little is ok but as far as I know if you need to put on a completely new face then that becomes a turn off for most guys, myself included.


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