Is Korean makeup really as good as advertised?

Korean makeup - "better quality for the price than most high end makeup"...

I would never want to spend 100 dollars on a lipstick... Seems crazy to me.
So, is Korean makeup really as good as advertised?

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  • some yes ! this is widely known here in japan. perhaps more than cosmetics, their skincare is celebrated as the best.

    all i know is that i use this korean brand called ”innis free” because it's organic and free of many of the famously harmful chemicals like alcohol denat. and parabens amongst others. i swear by their facial sunblock/primer with keeps my skin matte, evenly-toned and flawless all day without touchups and i don't even apply foundation or anything. i get compliments on my skin all the time.

    • Cool! What's that sunblock/primer called?
      I'm always looking for good new sunblock products (I don't tan... just burn O. o).

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    • Great! Thank you. =)

    • thank you ♥︎

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  • well like most well know brands you're usually paying more than what it really costs but I gotta say Korean products do hold well to their name. in my experience at least.

  • My GF is Korean but from Japan her make up is always amazing compared to the white girls here in my country. Im white by the way


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think so. The point of advertising is to get you to buy something. Bare minerals are a pretty good brand and so is Dermablend. I'm pretty sure both of those aren't Korean.

  • Nope not really.