If a guy asks if there are any guys you like...

I'm kinda shy at times, so to avoid embarrassment...should play that off and respond by a) asking him why he's asking b)flipping the question and asking him if there are any girls HE likes or c) say "you" and see what he says? any advice? what is the best way to respond to this question?


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  • i vote for c.

    partly because no risk, no reward. I learned a long time ago that it's better to take a risk and feel a little embarrassed and hurt, than to wonder what-ifs for the next six months.

    and partly because I, like many other guys, have _low_ patience for the indirect, confusing, evasive communication style of most females. there's no reason women can't communicate more directly and improve their quality of life.

    you don't have to spill your guts and confess eternal love, or anything. just say you think he's an interesting guy and you want to see him sometime.


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  • It depends on how bold you want to be. A is good if you want to play it shy, maybe he will reveal a hint to his intentionas after asking. B. Is good if you want to play it a little flirtacious, as he will either respond with your name, or another girls, making to situation clear. C is great, but its the boldest, if you want to just be straight up, and get things going. THis also has the most risk for you.

  • Answer simply, "yes", then look at him, dead silent.

    If he can recover before it gets uncomfortable, his brain is working.

  • spin it off with a flirty tone.

    "why do YOUuu wanna know?" the flirtier the better. (but not like you think he's cute. but that you are curious)


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  • Good question! A guy that I like at my job asked me that too I got so nervous and excited at the same time but didn't physically show it. I played it off and said ummm I don't know kind of not sure about him yet and he studder and said oh really who and I just changed the subject and ask about him...so his response showed me that he has some interest as well. Don't say him though play around to make him have to think I make it more challenging for him. Goodluck!