What do you think of men getting their eyebrows waxed?

what do women think of men that get their eyebrows waxed. And is there any guys there besides myself I get there eyebrows waxed. My wife made an appointment for me a couple months ago to get a haircut with her and she had them wax my eyebrows she thought that they made them look really good and so did I and from then on every time I go get my haircut I get my eyebrows waxed too

I usually tell the beautician to clean them up a little just not too thin


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  • Well if your eyebrows are extremely bushy than most certainly get them waxed and trimmed. If they're a little on the bushy side than get them waxed. But I think it's unnecessary to get them waxed if they're not extremely bushy. I think it looks kind of odd for guys to get their eyebrows waxed, but hey if you like it and your wife likes it than thats all that matters, and its only your wife that you need to impress so if she likes your eyebrows waxed than keep at it!

  • I think that's fine. If you need it, then get it.


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  • If you have a unibrow, do it.

    Otherwise, as you get older, they can get a little out of control. A good alternative for men rather than waxing or plucking is to just trim with scissors, keep them under control without changing the shape.