He doesn't think I'm sexy?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 months. He's a very sexual guy and we have fun in bed. I thought he would like it if I did some special stuff for him, but his response has me confused.

He went to Vegas for a week and a half, so I sent him a sexy pic message of me. Nothing too over the top of explicit, just kinda flirty and said I missed him. He responded that he was busy and couldn't talk but missed me too, and never mentioned the pic...

For his b day I got him some presents (nice bottle of whiskey, a new wallet that he asked for) and dressed up in sexy lingerie when we got back to his place after bday dinner. He didn't seem that interested at all, he was just like "Oh nice" and then wanted to get down to it.

I'm starting to feel dumb like I don't know how to turn him on and he thinks I'm silly for trying to be playful like this. Otherwise he is a great boyfriend and tells me I'm sexy and beautiful and he wants me all the time.

Is this weird? What am I doing wrong, or is there something wrong with him?

Thanks all. It just seems weird he would be attracted me and yet not seem to notice when I make a special effort. I'm a bit nervous about asking him if he likes it or not though!


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  • Maybe he thinks you are sexy just being youself you know. When people try to be sexy they act differently than they normally do and might look silly you know. I think it's nice in someways he may think your sexy when you tuck your hair behind your ears or when you laugh or sip your soda. Just being yourself is sexy and who could ask for more. I mean if he asked you to dress up or role play or other things you may feel like"Wait a minute doesn't he find just me sexy?" a little bit down the road. I would take it as a complement and just keep on being your sexy self ; )


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  • haha I am basically exploding when my girlfriend has sent me pics or wears something I like :P

    you are doing nothing wrong :) maybe he wasn't in the mood at the time much and didn't want to disappoint or maybe he is just trying to play it cool and not over react and the vegas thing I don't know :( ask him whether he likes your sexy pics and lingerie and then you can be sure :) then update us please :)

    • Thanks :)

      btw, don't worry or over think this anon, when you feel sexy he will sense it :)

      my girlfriend is so sexy sometimes and is surprised when I tell her cos she doesn't feel it but she is very insecure about her body, if she starts to complain I just cork her with a long kiss :P

  • Maybe he's not a guy who shows he is surprised at something and tends to keep it internally. I myself am like this.


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  • Maybe you're trying too hard? Because that can be very unsexy...if you want tips, perhaps flat out ask him what or whom he DOES find sexy...either that or he's just not a very reactive person ie. not easily affected by things...but I think talking to him about it is probably a good idea, just make sure you don't come across angry, defensive or irritated by anything he says when he does open up about things. xx

  • I've noticed that a lot of guys hide their feelings, and keep it cool all the time. Maybe he just wants you to try harder and stuff, because he thinks that if he shows you how you affect him then you'll eventually get bored..? That's what happens a lot with guys in my area, but I realized closer to where I used to live the guys were the complete opposite, and they ALWAYS expressed themselves fully.

    • Also Agree if girls find out we like something they generally get bored if they don't have to work for it...but I kinda think that's both sexes mess up