Broad shoulders?

I'm a swimmer, so as I grew up, I realized that my shoulders are pretty broad. However my waist is small so it makes my shoulders look wider when I wear tight clothes. It makes me look kinda buff haha..

Do guys find that unattractive? Because its usually men who have broad shoulders and women who have slanted or small shoulders.

Please tell me what you really think and not what would make me feel better. Thanks


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  • I'm a swimmer too, so I can understand if they're big shoulders. I have HUGELY broad shoulders (my stroke is Fly, lol). But I wouldn't find this unattractive just because I see lots of girls with big shoulders all the time.


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  • no as long as you have a good personality and don't tell other people oh man I hate this I look buff and stuff like that then ur good!

    good luck =)


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  • I have broad shoulders too! and I used to swim but I stopped so my broad shoulders are genetic I think. I used to be really self conscious when it came to my shoulders but as long as your thin and not too muscular it looks really good and actually compliments a lot clothing