"That's an intoxicating fragrance, what is it?"

i saw a girl at my work today, she looked really cute. and when I went past her, I could smell that she has some sort of perfume or shampoo on that, was absolutely amazing.

IF I had said that to her, would she have responded, politely, or, would she have ignored it?


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  • We tend to wear certain fragrances to attract a guy's attention. Victoria's sercet has perfumes called suduction, lovve spell, and tempatation...so who's to say she didn't spray some extra on for you? ha just tell her wow you smell great what normal girl wouldn't like that compliment just don't sniff her while saying so. GOODLUCK!


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  • Root word of intoxicating - toxic. Not exactly the word you want. That's fine, but find another word. :)

  • Try " I like the smell of your'e perfume, what kind is it? That will work, I have had someone ask me and I told him...

  • I bet she would've responded politely. :)

  • intoxicating would be the wrong word. something like "you smell amazing. what is that?" would suffice.

    • "Good madam, that is an intoxicating fragrance, may I ask what it is that arouses my senses?"

      or some Olde English crap like that. those always work (rolls eyes)

    • "Oh m'lady! Mine heart and innards are most favorably impressed by the aroma left in thine wake as thy passed by me, thine most humble servant!"

      Or talk like a normal person and say, "pardon me but I really like that perfume..."

    • Ok, sounds good

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