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After my last class I was standing outside with my friend, One of the only people that know I like this guy. Lets call him bob. Well I was standing about 4 feet ahead of bob and my friend was next to me. My back was facing bob and my friend wanted to turn around and look at him.

So after the bell rang my friend came up to me telling me that bob was looking at me. Like he was looking at my whole body and stuff. And she said every time I turned around he would look away.

I had no idea. =/

so what do you think?


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  • He digs ya :) Guys don't need more than a few seconds to scope out a girl's body, so if he keeps looking back he sees something he likes.


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  • Sounds like he definitely likes you. He probably want a relationship with you unless your a perfect 10 and he already has a girlfriend in which case he just likes looking at you.

    • Lol that made me laugh. (:

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  • Well he could like you. N then again he could just b checking you out. But if he looks away every time that you look back. Then he totally likes you. Or maybe he just don't want you to get the wrong idea. But who knows maybe he does like you. I'm 99% that he does. So give it a shot girl. N see what happens. Take care. Hope that I could help.