What is more important to you in a woman - good looks or intelligence?

Guys are always after me and I know they just like me because of my looks...when I get to know some of them they will tell mi that I'm different, I'm very smart and I'm really mature for my age.

I will like to know from a real man points of view!

and be honest...

do you care about GOOD LOOKS, or INTELLIGENCE?


Most Helpful Guy

  • mm well good looks IS immediately noticed and appreciated... like you can't help but notice a hot girl in the room before any other girl, so your interest will zoom on to her first. But once she has my attention, I start to be interested in her intelligence and will observe how she handles herself, and what she says and how she looks at and notices others in the room. However, Intelligence to me it is good common sense and knowing the basic of how life works and getting along with people. I'm not really interested in how much they know about the various career fields they seem to have the most talent for. Rather I notice how easy they smile and their sense of humor and if they seem to be open to other people's feelings and if they have mutual respect to those that aren't as attractive as they are and by what they say make other people feel important. So yesss good looks are important, and you definitely have body beauty, but so are having some of those intelligence things I mentioned. My guess is that you have all of those too. That was a very good question. I would say your friends are totally right. But you know, some people aren't as fortunate as others as far as body beauty, but often their "intelligence" more than makes up for that.