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Which shape of eyes do you think is most attractive on the ladies?

A - link

B - link

C - link

D - link

E - link

lmao E is just for laughs.

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  • B is kind of squinting lol.

  • i like D

  • I think b..

  • wow you posted some not attractive eyes b wins

    • Oh really? Then what kind of eyes do you find attractive? I'd like to see a picture so you can link it in a new answer.

    • I agree with both parts of what you said - none of them really stand out as being totally beautiful but Taylor Swift's definitely wins.

  • How the makeup makes taylor swift's eyes look makes it the most attractive, I think. But I think of you crossed taylors eyes with the girl on D, it will be not too big not too small. But then attractive eyes also depends on how it harmonizes with the rest of the facial features.

    • So are you saying Taylor Swift's eyes would look ugly without make up?

    • I think she actually looks better with less. Make up can change the look of anyones face/features, though.

  • link B

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