I'm Hot...Now What?

I'm an attractive, thin girl and I know guys see that because I get plenty of stares walking down the street, at the supermarket, mall. Whatever. HOWEVER, I never get approached. I'm not the clubbing type so my dating life has been pretty non existent lately. How can I get guys to approach me at other places, like a store or whatever? Should I wiggle my ass at them? I'm not that type, I'm shy!

I'm thinking go to a club one night, get wasted and hook up with everyone. :(


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  • A nice smile when they look in your direction (if you are interested in them yourself of course) usually gets the job done. Are you being shy and looking away regardless of who is looking at you? Most guys will take that as a sign of disinterest.

    I feel your pain about the club scene, I'm not into the smoke-filled rooms or drinking all of the time. I used that meet up website to find interest groups in my area which has worked rather well. Do you have any hobbies? Maybe join a dancing group or take classes in some other topic to your liking.


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  • Definitely get over your shyness, go to a club, get wasted, wiggle your ass, and hook up with everyone. Isn't that what all the attractive thin girls do now, inspired by Paris Hilton?

    Or, if you really want to be approached in a store, wiggle your ass incessantly in the store. Wait, what kind of store is this? Like, a yarn store? Or, perhaps Toys R Us? Your going to attract a different sort of attention depending upon which store you choose.

    I get the best results wiggling my attractive thin ass at the auto parts store and at the post office, which I suppose technically isn't a store but they do sell stamps there.

  • If you're a good looking girl then most guys are going to assume you're already dating and possibly out of their league. I'm afraid you're going to have to do some of the approaching yourself. It doesn't need to be hard work. All those stares you get? Try catching their eye and mouthing the word, "hello. " That'll be enough.


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  • If you want to be approached, you need to be approachable. If you see a guy looking at you, and you would like him to approach you, look directly into his eyes and smile before walking off to do whatever you are doing. This tells him that you noticed him, and you've tagged yourself as approachable as well.

    • This is pretty good advice. Also languagetim is right, if I think a girl is taken it would be a waste of my time to try and talk to her. Look for asshole guys at clubs, but I don't think that's the type you're looking for.

  • Okay. First off, ix-nay on the drunken club whore idea. It'll get you laid (and possibly an std) but nothing in terms of a meaningful or lasting relationship.

    Perhaps ask a few of your close friends what they think of your 'approachability factor'. I've been told that I am very hard to approach and I give off body language that says " go F yourself". I still get asked out quite a bit, mainly because there are situations where I feel entirely comfortable and I act like I am.

    The main thing that you'll want to work on is smiling, acting confident and comfortable (fake it 'til ya make it) and making striking up conversations with people, You want to make people comfortable enough to approach you. Make a conscious effort to do this. It really does come down to more than looks. Even if you are really hot, if the guy thinks he's going to get rejected right off the bat, he won't even attempt it.

  • Well if you're just looking to get approached, then getting wasted at a club and hooking up with everyone will certainly do it for you. (Although that might be kind of dangerous).