Did you know Halloween falls on a Friday this year?

So I'm thinking of a costume, and I wanna do Genderbent Joker. Mom and sis told the that it's too "ugly" and that girls have to look pretty and hot on Halloween. I was gonna wear a skirt and heels, but I don't wanna go with the mainstreem Sexy Nurse and Sexy Bunny and that shiz.. So yeh what do you think? ^-^


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  • go as sexy Fiona from shrek

    • r u callin me fat brotha?

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    • oh haha I first tought you wanted to disguise as a bitch, just later on realized you meant the MH. that was some good laugh

    • I also feel it's stupid, seems like they all want to get laid. thank u


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  • Harleyquin?
    Just as crazy as the joker, you know. And she's a female ^^

    • Yeah, but I never actually read the comic, and I would feel like a wannabe-geek-girl, so nah ^-^ She is a good one too though :)

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    • I see what you did there XD

    • Now, that's just worrying, because i do not see what i did there. Wait, am i posessed? COOOL! I DON'T NEED A COSTUME THIS YEAR

  • I know it falls on the same exact dates when my mom
    passed away 11/10/2003 . she went to hospital on Nov 1
    passed 9 days later.. this only happens every so many years


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