Looking for an Agenda, Planner, or Organizer (whatever you want to call it)?

I have been looking for a planner for a couple of months now and I can't even find one online. If you have seen the movie new york minute (with the mary-kate and ashley olsen) the planner that ashley had in the movie, I been looking for one like that. Not a notebook planner but one with rings (binder type). And not so business like but umm I guess you can say a casual chic planner. If you seen New York Minute then you will have an idea what I am talking about. I would really appreciate it. You could provide a link or a name with picture.


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  • Start with your local OFFICE MAX or STAPLES.. and if you're a member, try SAM'S CLUB.

    Their websites often have much more than their stores do, so web search first.


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  • barnes and noble has the best planners. they have so many I get overwhelmed and don't know which to pick...(in a good way)