How to appear more curvier?

im a pretty skinny girl with an pretty good average size behind. i usually wear size 4-6 or 25 for pants if your looking at the sizes in that way. i work out I'm pretty fit but i can never gain wait. i want to be more curvier, have even more bigger behind to put it that way. any ways to give the allusion of that while i continue working out?


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  • Do squats and lunges and eat a lot of protein. It tooke me 2 months to get from a size 4 to a size 7 and my butt looks GREAT. Just do heavy weight squats with high sets and low reps, do leg extensions with ankle weights, some deadlifts with heavy weights, barbell and dumbbell lunges and give yourself 2 days to rest in between. And EAT MORE PROTEIN, multiply your weight x2 and eat that many grams of protein each workout day.


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  • "More curvier"

  • Wear tighter cloths. Also, Wear vibrant colours that help exaggerate the shape.

  • I like more curvier

  • High heels are known to make your ass prominent. But it's not a big deal. Huge asses are overrated. Everybody loves a petite cute little Ass. If u are skinny and it's just your Ass looking large, you'll look strange. And you'll get curvy eventually as u grow up.

    • Naw, a little ass doesn't look as good as a big one. A flat little one just looks boyish, and that's not sexy.

    • Well taste differs.

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